Darkness and light day five

I am going to let out a huge GRRRRRRRRRRRR because I am so furious about what I just read.
On Facebook I just seen another infuriating example of peoples pure ignorance to people who are overweight. I am so tired of people’s nasty comments and so called funny jokes about us.  If these so called comments and jokes where aimed at other people, such as those of a different colour, religion or sexual orientation it would be highly offensive and these same people would be outraged; as they should be. But why is it okay to back and laugh or be mean to just because someone is overweight? Just as I believe that stereotypes and making fun of someone just because of their skin colour, faith or any other reason is really wrong because we should not judge someone based on one thing. We should take someone as the whole. How would these people like it if they were made fun of? We can not tell what someone is like, what someone has been through or the life that they live simply by looking at them.
I am an overweight person in the middle of a weight loss program and I do it not for anyone else but me. For my health and my well being. I am proud of my weight loss and will continue on my weight loss journey until I reach my healthy goal weight!
What also pisses me off big time is when the ignorant look at an overweight person and offer up stupid advice without any background on that person by saying stupid things like, That person needs to loose weight! Exercise, eat some fruit !! HOW IN THE NAME OF FUCK DO YOU KNOW THAT THIS PERSON IS NOT ALREADY EATING HEALTHY AND EXERCISING REGULARLY?  There is such thing as a healthy overweight person. SKINNY DOES NOT ALWAYS MEAN FIT!!!
STOP!!!!! STOP!!! STOP!!! Mind your own business and live your own lives.
Not everyone are meant to be toothpicks. Love your body no matter what your size.


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