Happy Monday…now where is that damn bottle?


I chose this attractive picture to coincide with what I look like after an entire weekend and Monday morning with two children, on my own. 

Trust me, you do not want to see the real picture of me, because I do not want to be responsible for giving you nightmares. 

Having a special needs child is a blessing, teaching you the value of life and bringing out strengths you did not know you had.

For the most part this is true with Christian, but sometimes that statement screams idealistic. 

One is the perfect number for  my Christian, because when it is only him with me, things can usually run smoothly.

However, add his three year old brother into the mix, then open the the gates of hell and find mommy a straight jacket, and catch me Satan, I am jumping in!

First, let me just say in honesty, that my two sons are very loving, sweet and kind and have a beautiful brother bond. 

Let me give you an example from this past weekend.

Brandon was feeling tired Sunday afternoon, after awaking at 5 am(his usual time) and spending a busy morning with Christian, screaming, yelling and running all over the house, pausing briefly to eat a snack and to dance to “Gangnam Style” by Psy with Christian, decided that he wanted to have a nap, so he proceeded to take his blankie, bockie(bottle) and pillow into Christian’s room were Christian snuggled down next to his brother and covered the both of them up.

This was a beautiful scene to witness and brought a tear to my eye.

Until two minutes later I hear a murderous scream and ran in to see what was the matter.

Brandon was on the floor screaming because Brandon accidentally kicked Christian in his stomach, causing an unfavourable reaction, resulting with Christian kicking his brother back, forcing him onto the floor.

Peaceful moment disappeared like a puff of smoke.

Christian is hypersensitive to touch and if he receives a touch that he himself does not initiate, his reaction is swift and aggressive. 
This could mean returning the offensive touch, or getting mad by yelling and sometimes leading to a mini meltdown. 

It took a half hour to calm the both of the down, and then it was Mom and Christian time to explain what Brandon did was an accident, he did not mean to do it and why it was wrong to kick his brother back.

Although I understood why he did kick his brother.

The rest of the day went smoothly. 

Today is Monday, and this means returning to the familiar task of school preparation routine.

Christian, like most people with autism, thrive on routine that must not ever change or one must deal with the disastrous consequences. 

It is a delicate dance to keep Christian’s routine precise and still have him ready for his transportation that takes him to school which arrives at 7:40.

First he arises at 5 am and proceeds to the living room to play with his Pokemon toys, his brother and watch tv for one hour.

Then, it is Brandon’s bath, this takes all of five minutes as Brandon does not like the water too much, and hates getting washed even more. 

I must empty the bath before filling up Christian’s, making sure it is the right temperature before calling him in to test it, and if it is to his liking, then he gets undressed and gets in.

The next step to to place a digital clock next to Christian and tell him what time to get out, if I did not do this, then he either stay in there until he was a prune and the bath was cold because he, is my water baby and adores the water! Or, he will not get out at all until I went in myself and helped him out. 

After bath, drying and dressing in matching clothes, it is breakfast time.

It takes Christian anywhere from five minutes to fifteen in deciding his breakfast, and another twenty to eat it, so by the time he is done and ready for his medicine and brushing his teeth, time is running out.

Christian is a laid back child and has no understanding of time and how important it is to get ready so he can be ready on time for when his taxi comes. 

Never rush Christian, never tell him to hurry up because this will delay time even more because rushing him brings on a full blown tantrum. 

I learned the hard way on that one!

Putting on his shoes/boots is another lesson in patience for mommy, as Christian easily gets frustrated when something does not go right the first time. He had just learned to tie his shoelaces, so after struggling to put on his footwear(that are well fitted, I assure you) it takes him awhile to tie his shoes because he makes mistakes which of course leads to yet another tantrum.
Sometimes if we are really short on time…like if the taxi is in the driveway, short, I will tie them for him.

Once he is ready and his favourite jacket, hat and shoes are on, he is finally at the door.

All I am left with is the bliss of very active three year old for the next five hours.

Now, where is that bottle?


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