A World of Joy, A world of well, everything for everybody.

The shed is a mess. Beer bottles everywhere, lobster pots and fishing nets all covered in garland and tinsel. When I asked the gang to decorate the Shed of Solicitation for the holidays, this is not what I asked for! Note to self: Never ask a drunk person to decorate!  Fuming, I proceed to clean up and decorate properly. In the middle of my spree, I notice a package poking underneath a half case of Molson Canadian. I pick it up and see its crudely wrapped in what looks like Christmas wrap from 20 years ago. The package has ‘We’re Sorry, Tina. This is 4 u’ scrawled across it. I open it up and this is what I found…


It is a beautiful book of short stories from me ASMSG buddies! I love it, it’s the perfect present!

A World of Joy is a collection of holiday themed short stories from authors around the world(pretty neat, eh?) Who needs to spend big money to travel the world this holiday season when all you have to do is to pick up a book…for free.

For more information and to download it, clickie here!



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