Finally, after a year and a half, I, Tina Traverse, finally got off my butt and published a new book! Wait… did I just hear “It’s about freaking(I wanted to write the other F word but sensitive eyes maybe be reading…) time!”

In the early days of summer, my idle brain dreamt up an answer to a dilemma. How do I attract more visitors to my little shed? My wharf was looking pretty bare and I needed more slaves…ah, er, visitors to the wharf so my author minions will get noticed and perhaps finally jump aboard the ship to fame and fortune. Hark!  What about writing a novel and post, one chapter at a time, once a week for a month? The story would have to be intriguing, spine tingling and well developed to keep the reader on the edge of their seat and leaving them anxious for the next installment. Let There Be Blood was born!

Well, now that the series has concluded, I decided to publish the sucker so a wider audience can enjoy.

Without further ado the 411 on the story that screamed at me while I was trying to sleep:

Note: A warning. Let There Be Blood is an erotic thriller that explores some dark aspects of the human psyche that could make E.L. James blush. This is not for the faint of heart. But if you enjoy a good thrill and don’t mind stepping into the dark, come on in!

The ebook cover:

Let There be Blood ebook cover

The paperback:

Let there be blood full cover v2-page-001


Purchase Links: Ebook:


If you liked to be teased, like I do, here is the teaser trailer:


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