A dog’s blog ( or Lost in Translation)

Communication. How we animals share with others of our kind. Right now I hear two dogs on my block barking at each other, and I wonder, what are they saying to each other? I bet whatever it is, it is not being misunderstood and it’s clear as spring water. That’s because dogs and the other animals that have no clue what the internet is, don’t text, Facebook or Tweet(with the exception of birds of course.) each other. I say, thank heaven or hell for that. Can you imagine this scenario?

Daily Ramblings of Goldie the Golden Retriever(Hey what can I say, my human lacks imagination so lay off my name!)

Today while surfing the net hoping to find some good bacon treats on sale, I saw an article on how Doggie God is downsizing doggie heaven due to budget cuts from his master The Supreme Being. The cuts has forced DG to eliminate 5000 dog clouds and transfer them to human heaven. This would mean that 5000 of our canine brothers and sisters will be forced to leave their rightful spot in our own eternal resting place. Doggie Heaven was established 50 years ago after centuries of lobbying and fighting for the dogs right to have a place of our own to spend eternity, when it was finally recognized that we dogs do indeed have souls.  What does mean to the 5000 tail wagger souls and future generations? It means that dogs will now have to rest in peace next to the beings we call master on earth. What do you think about these changes? Sound off below.



Hey Dawg! Stop dissing the hu-man! I think that my human is fly. She is loves me and great to me. She gives me lots of treats and we go on awesome outings. I be lost without her and it be an honour to share my eternity with the gurl. Fi-Do

Hey Fi-Do you dumb dog. GGR was only asking 4 our opinion. She didn’t say anything bout humans good or bad. Learn 2 read. Fe Fe

Not cool dude! We deserve our own place! Boo DG and TSB! I bite their asses. Rufus K

Hey Fe Fe, you bitch. You’re the dumb dog. FYI I do know how to read. Fi-Do

The author of this piece is rude and ignorant. GGR should have done her research. It’s 500 souls to transfer to human heaven, not 5000. She also left out that it’s only temporary. So calm down you ingrates. Ms. LaDeDa

Does any of that look familiar? This silly scenario is an attempt to demonstrate a point about human communication. Over the years something has gotten lost in translation with the advent of the keyboard and internet. I was told once that the most important part of communication is not what you say, but HOW you say it. In other words, the tone of your voice, your facial expression and body language. For example, “I love you” can sound like the most threatening phrase if the speaker’s tone is sharp, they are looking menacing and standing as though they are getting ready to lunge at you at any moment. Whereas, “I love you” is being said in a peaceful, happy tone, the person is smiling, eyes twinkling and their arms are open to an embrace, would retain it’s beautiful meaning. When we communicate through typing behind the safety of a device like a laptop or smartphone, the person on the receiving end loses the key components in receiving the true message of the ‘speaker’. Yes, there are ways to tell the speakers intentions of the words through what they write. What words they use and through those emoticon things, etc but we still can’t see their face or know what their body language is telling us. Often this can lead to misunderstanding the speaker’s meaning and can lead to powerful debates and hurt feelings. I know because recently, my words were misunderstood by a friend I was twittering with. She became hurt and I felt bad that she misunderstood me. I think if we were communicating face to face, this misunderstanding may not have happened. Though that would be hard, since she lives in the U.S. and I live here in Canada. Besides, my dory doesn’t go that far! Anyway, back on topic. Facebook, Twitter, emails and the like are wonderful things, because like that little Alexander Graham Bell invention, We gain the ability to instantly and frequently communicate when we are miles away from each other. But we lose something as well. The human to human contact that helps us understand.



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