Magpies, Writers groups and the liberation of vampires

The inspiration.
Vampire brothers of my imagination.
The original book cover

It isn’t easy to scrap a project that you worked on for two years, shedding blood, sweat and tears(and tearing out a few hair follicles) but sometimes it has to be done.

Destiny of the Vampire was my first indie published novel and I poured my heart into it.  It was one of those stories that was inspired by one simple sentence spoken by someone else. During an interview, the man who stars in many of my dreams was on a talk show promoting his tv series, The Vampire Diaries. Yes, this is another teeney bopper vampire show with more blood and eye candy a gal or guy can handle, so sue me. I love it, even though I’m older than most of the actors on the show.

Getting back to my story. This actor was asked what was the premise of the show and he responded that it was simply about a girl caught in the middle of a love triangle between two vampire brothers.

Now, that stirred my imagination. I said to myself “Self, what about if we do something a little different with a vampire story? Erase the love triangle, scrub the sparkles off and lay bare a vampire that is more natural than supernatural? Destiny of the Vampire was born!

I sat at my computer and wrote the story of two brothers who became vampires after washing ashore on a strange island after their fishing vessel sank.  I weaved the tale of their ups and downs of becoming blood lusting predators. Yes, both brothers were eerily handsome and charming, but they were more. One brother drank like a fish, smoked like a chimney, cursed like a sailor and screwed more women than Mcdonalds served hamburgers. The other brother was an introverted, moral elitist with a severe drug addiction. I even threw in a sickly pale thin vampire who was a germaphope and fainted at the sight of blood.

It was going along well, I even decided to make it a four book series, with book two completed and in the process of editing and book three and four started. I even had covers. It may be at this point you maybe scratching your heads and say WTF? What did she scrap that for, especially that far into the series?

Simple. I wasn’t happy. The series was nearly complete when I realized I was struggling to make it work.  I liked the plot my imagination had conjured, but while it sounded brilliant in my head, the magic didn’t quite make it to the paper. It has taken me two years, poor sales and constructive reviews to see what the readers were seeing in book one, an interesting story, just not developed enough.

So, with much reflection and soul searching, I unpublished book one and deleted the series from my computer and memory. It was hard, but it had to be done. But now I am excited to start over and learn from my mistakes.

I have a new amazing editor who is not afraid to tell me like it is, helping me to become a better writer. I’m a part of a writing group who have taught me so much about stuff I thought I knew.

This isn’t a easy gig, this writing business. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, marketing skill and money just to get one person to read your work, but it’s like that lover who satisfies you in everyway, you can never leave because it just make you feel so good.

Destiny of The Vampire is getting a makeover, including a new name, Scarlet Desire. It still has the same wonderfully complicated vampire brothers, their burdens and joys, love and pain. And of course, that neurotic germaphopic fainter vampire!

Much Love


P.S. Scarlet Desire will be released as an ebook box set this year. I will keep you updated.



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