The Oscar goes to…

From as far back as this old woman can remember, I saw my stories play out as movie scenes inside of my head. Every character was played by one of many of my favourite actors. I dreamt of one day seeing one of my many tales becoming a movie that would be so revered by the fans, by the industry that it would win an academy award. My friends even joked that they couldn’t wait to walk that red carpet with me.

That dream didn’t die, in fact it’s stronger than ever. Every time I go to the theatre to watch a movie, I picture one of those posters advertising my movie. The difference is, I  know the chances of that ever happening is very small. Still, I dream.

I have to keep dreaming because if not, after seeing the successes of other authors who have high book sales, where I have none or have many reviews where I have like 4 for books that have been published awhile, or even some who have movie/tv deals, I would fall into a hole of depression so deep that I would lose all desire to write.

I, however, will not throw a pity party because it will get me nowhere. Instead I take stock and look at what’s important to me. Take away the sales, the reviews and the endless marketing that I have no clue about and get to the bare bones of why I write. Simple, I love it. I have tried many times in the past to give up the craft but it didn’t work. Like any first love, it kept pulling at my heart and wanting me back.

I’m not a people person, my crippling shyness for face to face interaction gives me panic attacks, but put me behind the computer screen and my fingers on the keyboard and I talk your ear off! It’s here that I come alive, be lighthearted and joke, and sometimes a little naughty! This is what this blog is all about, inviting people over to my favorite childhood place to talk about themselves and their passions. It’s where I share mine. It’s a place to have fun. It may be naïve of me to say this, but my purpose for writing is not to make money…because let’s face it, if it was, I starve!!! 😛  As I said before, I write because like many of you, it’s soothing therapy for my often troubled mind and soul. I write because I want to transport my audience into a world where they can escape even if it’s just for a moment. I want to bring about powerful emotions, tears of laughter, tears of sorrow and maybe a little anger. I want them to remember my story long after you close the cover.

I know how important marketing is, after all how can I get to my readers and have them experience the above if they don’t know about me? I just think there is a better way than doing it than slapping the masses up side the head with my books, which will most likely they would ignore rather they pay attention to. After all, would you pay attention to the weapon that was assaulting you?



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