Yelle Hughes and the Triton The Aegean Chronicles

Without arousing suspicion, I disappeared with my shed(I invented teleportation) for a few days to Greece and met up with the Greek Goddess of writing, Yelle Hughes to speak about her first full length novel, Triton the Aegean Chronicles.  

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Welcome back, Yelle Hughes have a seat, as you can see my furniture has improved since you have been here last. I will not say where I got the Lazy Boy recliners, let’s just say there was an incident at Jack’s house…It’s great to be back, I finally got something for you to read. I just released my first full-length novel. It’s all about Greek gods in the modern world.

Thank you for coming Yelle Hughes and for being so brave to come back here on the wharf again, so to reward you I am going to let you brag about your latest work. Oh gosh, as a writer, I would fill this entire website bragging about my book. Let’s just say, there’s a Greek god who has to protect a mortal. God falls in love with girl, girl freaks. Bad guy causes havoc, pisses of some people and you get to meet the boy friends, the girlfriends and a lot of fighting amongst themselves.

 I have seen Triton the Aegean Chronicles on Yelle Hughe’s website, and I would love to pick it up, but before I do, could you tell me a little about it?The Greek god, Triton “Taz”, is sent to protect the mortal Ariadne Phillips. Unbeknownst to them both, they were destined to meet. Follow their adventures through the Isles of Greece, under the Aegean sea and the Buckeye state, Columbus, Ohio.

 Wow, Triton sounds intriguing, is there a particular part of the story that you really enjoyed writing? I really enjoyed creating the character’s personalities and describing parts of Greece.

 May I ask who your favorite character(s) were? They are all my favorite, I can’t just pick one

 With that in mind, I will give you this scenario. You have been banished from your hometown and are given two choices, where you would like to live for the rest of your days and which character from your latest novel would you like to take with you? Well, since I’m a woman, I’d definitely take Taz (he’s hot!) and we would live in his football stadium under the Aegean Sea.

I love the title of your new novel Triton the Aegean Chronicles may I ask how did you come up with the name? I’m a big Greek mythology fan and I sat down one day and wrote out a notebook’s worth of names for my series and this is the one that called out to me.

It is a beautiful cover, who designed it? I had a specific design in mind and every artist that I talked to, couldn’t help me. So, I learned a 3d graphic program and Photoshop and did it myself.


 What inspired the story line? I’ve had the story of Triton and Ariadne in my head since the early 80’s and they stem from my love of a good romance, Greek myths and having lots of fun.

Do you have any writing advice for new authors? If this is what you want to do, keep at it. If you feel strongly that your story is the one, defend it but also don’t be afraid to accept advise.

What is next for you? My next story is Eros the Aegean Chronicles. The god of love who quits his job to be a warrior and is trapped in a stuffed tiger. All the while falling for soulmate.

 Please tell my audience five interesting facts about yourself. I love canoeing, I love to critique movies, I’m an avid gamer (though I never play, I just watch), I love driving a stick (I want my five-speed back) and I LOVE writing about my favorite subject, Greek Mythology.

Is there any thing else you wish to add?  A lot of the descriptions and locations are actual places that I visited. I wanted to express how beautiful the country of Greece is and I hope it comes through in my writing so the readers could see it to.

Yelle spends her days hanging with her Greek God entourage here is where you find them:



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Short bio:

Yelle Hughes, mum of three and now a proud grandparent, is an avid reader as well as author. She enjoys canoeing, studying the Greek myths, watching action and western movies, and is an unpaid movie critic. Her work is written from the heart and from the people who have passed through her life, just as the seasons pass each year.

Thank you again for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come and visit me again in my little shed. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and the quiet… you are always welcome!

I give you my best wishes!


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