The death of entertainment and what it used to mean

Here on the wharf, in this tiny shed where so much talent has been displayed either through flashy promos or in depth intriguing author interviews, myself and the Back of the Shed Gang have strong beliefs. Especially when it comes to entertainment and what it means.

All forms of entertainment, be it a rousing tale between the pages of a book, on a screen  or in the form of a painting on the wall, lays itself open to the world to an audience who will voice either externally through some form of media or privately with friends. (Sometimes, if you’re really shy, your head) their opinion of what they just read, seen or played. Thus, making all forms of entertainment, submissive.

In other words, lets say for example, to me, the latest best-selling novel could be the best thing I read, but to you, it belongs in the garden with the rest of the fertilizer.


Opinions matter, especially in the form of an intelligent review that informs the consumer what an ordinary Joe thinks of the product they experienced and can help others who are considering purchasing said product.(book, movie, video game, that knife that cuts through metal and then a tomato with relative ease)

But…  ID-100165183

Here she comes.

My opinion.

When I pick up a book I do it for these reasons:

1. To educate myself by observing different writing styles, therefore improving my own skills as a writer.

2. To  get lost in the world that the author created and if he or she has done it well, I can become immersed and forget the outside world for awhile.

For me, while number one reason is important for my writing, number two is valuable because as a mother of two special needs kids whose husband works seven days a week, my day to day is stressful and since I rarely get a break to see the outside world beyond walking distance, a good book is sometimes my only respite.

So, needless to say, I love all kinds of entertainment and refuse to over analyze every little thing.


Normally, when I see the latest bashing of some popular book on a media site such as Facebook, I scroll on past it because I have no time for senseless nick picking of a book that is meant for entertainment and not everyone loathes. Sometimes I go against this rule and stop to read a post and the comments that follow, hoping to see someone share my opinion.

Pfft. I should’ve known better. Now I’m the dumbass.

To me, entertainment has lost it’s purpose, it’s true meaning. To provide an escape out of our troubled existence and has become a science experiment to be picked apart.

The magic is evaporating before our eyes.



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