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The shed is eerily quiet and I’m loving it! Terrance, Frank and Gerard are gone fishing and Jack is sunning himself with his new fiancé somewhere in the U.S.  With the Back of The Shed Gang gone, I’m free to sit back, relax and talk with one of my favourite authors, the honorary Back of The Shed Gang member, Simon oneill.

Welcome back, Simon Oneill  have a seat, as you can see my furniture has improved since you have been here last. I will not say where I got the Lazy Boy recliners, let’s just say there was an incident at Jack’s house…

Thank you Tina, and this time I will try to behave, as you can see I am here as me and not Phantom Bigfoot. I could still do with a beer and have one with me if you like.

Certainly, it’s warm and a cool one would be good right now, since there’s no one to steal it!!

Thank you for coming Simon and for being so brave to come back here on the wharf again, so to reward you I am going to let you brag about your latest work.

I have seen Flip Side on and I would love to pick it up, but before I do, could you tell me a little about it?

Well Tina I based the lead character, Johnny Knight on my own experiences at work which did not go too well for me, suffice to say poor Johnny is back-stabbed by all his friends, enemies and even his family take a sideswipe at him. It’s the price of fame and riches and as Johnny’s dead father, Jimmy, says, “Never show off yer wealth or some punter will take it all from ye.”

It’s a lesson Johnny never learns. So Jimmy the ghost does his best to correct his own mistakes only to cause a war between Johnny and his hated rival Rosa, Queen of the Yardie Bad Bwoys. And all Johnny wants in life is to retire with his family to the Caribbean. That simple dream dwindles with every attack on Johnny’s life.
Wow, Flip Side sounds intriguing, is there a particular part of the story that you really enjoyed writing?

Yes Tina, the parts with the Jamaican Bad Bwoys were the most fun to write as they are such fun characters. Club Rosa is their stronghold full of Bad Bwoys and Bad Gyals – Jamaican gangsters or Yardies and the music is played by Bob Marley. Always loved Bob.

May I ask who your favorite characters were?

Rosa for her utter disrespect for human life and her sexual prowess and her need for greed. Then there’s Johnny who has everything and loses it all for the love of his wife. All he has to cling onto is the ghost of his father, Jimmy.

With that in mind, I will give you this scenario. You have been banished from your hometown and are given two choices, where you would like to live for the rest of your days and which character from your latest novel would you like to take with you?

That’s a leading question, Tina, LOL. Jamaica with Rosa and boy would we partay like fiends.

I love the title of your new novel Flip Side, may I ask how did you come up with the name?

Think of old records that had flip sides, more often than not never ever played. So what was on the flip side, why not try it out, it might be fun?

It is a beautiful cover, who designed it?


Thanks Tina, Terrin Ni designed it. She is awesome for book covers, teasers and facebook banners. To contact her –

What inspired the story line?

My own experiences with work bosses and years of pain and suffering as a result, operations, infections, general health problems that have to live with as a disabled person. But writing pulls me out of my slump into my imaginary worlds.

Gangster films have always been my fave to watch. It is a blend of these 3 films – The Godfather, Scrooge and It’s a Wonderful Life. I would also like to thank The Rolling Stones and Bob Marley for their inspiration, may their music live on forever.

Do you have any writing advice for new authors?

Create a fan base before releasing a book and never interact with trolls it only feeds their insatiable hunger for evil misery.

What is next for you?

Hot In Bigelow will be a series of novellas in the alien erotica genre, I guess some like it hot.

Please tell my audience five interesting facts about yourself.

I brew my own beer and wine. I collect fossils on our local Jurassic beach. I love Real Ale. I am the shortest Bigfoot in the world. If I wasn’t writing I would still be painting.


Thank you again for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come and visit me again in my little shed. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and the quiet… you are always welcome!

I give you my best wishes!

A little extra something from our favourite dashing dude in the tux:


Simon Oneill wrote a TV series X-Traordinary Tales – 22×90 minute episodes of the paranormal for an American TV producer but it never got off the ground. So I converted them into novels.

My screenplay Flip Side, now a novel about a dead gangster who returns to the living world to sort out his family problems is now in the hands of a Hollywood producer.

Blood of the Eternal Moon my vampire erotica stayed #1 for 7 weeks beating Anne Rice and Stephen King and that got me noticed by Hollywood. Dark Gothic fantasy romance.

Phantom Bigfoot’s Adventures Part 1,2&3. Teen shape-shifter adventures like Scooby-Doo.

Magic Is Murder Adult erotic horror set in Cornwall and Wales also being considered for a movie. US UK

See you at the Oscars, Simon!!

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