The colorful characters of Writers on the Wharf

When I published my first self-published work, I found I needed support outside my own tiny world and got to know a lot of my fellow indie authors via social media. As we shared tips and stories and developed friendships, I decided that I want to help promote the same authors that helped me and beyond. This is when I decided to start a blog that will promote my fellow authors through either interview or promo posts that would showcase their work.  I wanted something unique, something that would separate me from the crowd.  There was no perfect way than to tap into my heritage and some of the most unique people in Canada, Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans. I thought about my favorite place in the whole world, my mother’s birthplace, Petite Forte, a tiny fishing hamlet on the Burin peninsula.

Petite Forte is dotted with many sheds and wharfs along its coastline. The setting of this blog takes place in a shed on a wharf that no longer exists, my grandfather Frank Leonard’s. The shed is a two story relic painted red and is affectionately  known as the Shed of Solicitation that sits on a wharf in the middle of some needed repairs.

I’m not alone in this shed. I have my merry band of sidekicks known as the Back of the Shed Gang. They are: Gerard, Terrance, Jack and Frank, all inspired by my husband and three uncles. They are rowdy, rough, bold, honest, love to drink beer and interrupt my interviews. But, they are harmless and I have a deep affection for them.

Once I’m able to pin them down for a pic, I will show them to you!

This is my crazy world and I love it because it allows me to be just that, me.


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